Exceptionally Durable: Metalphoto aluminium nameplates and panels combine unusual durability with a long lasting quality appearance.
Metalphoto nameplates and panels function perfectly for years, maintaining their original good looks under a broad variety of challenging environments, including high temperatures, long-term outdoor exposure, abrasion, salt spray and most chemicals.
Metalphoto gets its durability from the fact that its unique process embeds the image within a sapphire-hard anodized layer.
Meets Mil-Spec Standards: All Metalphoto products meet the most stringent Mil-Spec standards for long-lasting durable nameplates and panels. For over 35 years, Metalphoto has been widely specified for military applications that require extended exposure to weather, salt water and abrasion.
Ideal for Short-Run Requirements: From prototypes and one-of-a-kind applications to short-run production requirements, Metalphoto will meet all your needs without costly set-up and production charges.
And, when durability is the primary requirement, Metalphoto is an excellent solution for longer runs as well.
Metalphoto is the choice for plaques and awards because of its distinctive appearance and ease of production.
Images produced on Metalphoto are amazingly sharp and crisp, perfect for duplicating fine detail. Photographs, illustrations, types and graphics are meticulously reproduced on Metalphoto. Anything that can be photographed can be printed on Metalphoto. Metalphoto is available in a variety of colours and finishes. Background colors can be added with one of several easy-to-use processes or with factory pre-dyed plates.  Selective colors can also be added to create unique, customized awards with logos.
Ease of Production: The Metalphoto process can be completed in four simple steps using traditional photographic methods. From start to finish you can make a Metalphoto plate in a matter of few minutes. And, because the process is simple to complete, you wont need specially trained personnel.
For demanding bar code label applications, Metalphoto is the material of choice.For successful automatic ID systems that demand bar code labels which are easy to read even in harsh environments, throughout the life of the item to be identified, Metalphoto offers a product line designed specifically for these requirements.
Metalphoto’s SO354 photosensitive aluminium materials meet or exceed the most stringent specifications for dimensional and print contrast requirements. The unique durability characteristics of SO354 materials make them ideally suited for applications requiring permanence, resistance to heat, abrasion and corrosive substances. Characters are permanently sealed in an anodic layer and protected by a sapphire-hard surface.
SO354 materials can be manufactured into pressure-sensitive labels, as well as rigid plates that are designed to be riveted or mechanically fastened for permanent attachment. When durability and readability are primary considerations for your bar code applications, SO354 from Metalphoto can meet your needs.
When process control charts or schematic diagrams are needed, Metalphoto with its wide range of colour options, enables you to produce graphically appealing & durable charts.
With Metalphoto’s PolyColor process you can create multi-colour charts that will stand the test of time in various operating environments.
When durable, highly precise dials and scales are needed, Metalphoto offers substrates that deliver the finest detail for a wide range of applications.
From high precision to harsh environment uses, dials and scales made with Metalphoto maintain their legibility over many years.
As Metalphoto-created products remain dimensionally stable, you are assured of long-term measurement accuracy.
With Metalphoto’s ease of operation, dials and scales can be produced quickly and economically, in any quantity required.
Metalphoto is the perfect choice for superior outdoor and architectural signage. Identify your buildings, parks, gardens or recreational areas with permanent, long-lasting signage.
Metalphoto answers your need for image quality and durability. Metalphoto is a system for photographically embedding images into the anodic layer of aluminium.
And since the image is actually sealed within the anodic layer, Metalphoto graphics withstand weathering, abrasion, salt spray, heat, and solvents better than any other printing method. You can reproduce drawings, text or photos. No longer will you have signs that fade, crinkle slag, or blotch.
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